Our trees are made to fir your horses back - that is why we have 5 different treed, designed to suit varying back shapes of the modern sport horse as well as the traditional back shapes of the older breed types.


Our Trees are light in weight, have no metal parts and are made from a combination of birch ply, leather, kevlar and carbon-fibre.

The tree points are curved away from the horse to avoid interference with the shoulder, also the stirrup bar sits away from the horse and cannot cause any pressure.

The tree is designed to foloow the movement of the horse, whire remaining stable in it's balance and distribution of the riders weight.  The Superflex tree allows uni-lateral movement - each side can flex independently, up or downwards.  This ability to move with the horse encourages the horse to use itself freely, especially important during collection - the back can influence the saddle, unlike a rigid tree which always remains curved towards the back.

Heat malleable, pressure sensitive panels

Design features: Lightweight, allows movement of muscles while always maintaining a positive contact, adjusts to reduce pressure.  Will not flatten, bounce or require any maintenance...

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