Show Classes

There are several types of "hunter", or hunt seat, classes.

Equitation: Judge the rider's ability to communicate with the horse.

Flat Classes: Judge the horse's movement and manners on the flat. Jumping is not included.

Over-fences classes: Judge the horse's movement, manners, way of going, and jumping form over a course of jumps.

"Handy" classes: A class which combines elements of flat and over-fences classes, often with elements that are reminiscent of field hunting. For example; the rider may be asked to dismount and lead the horse over a small fence after completing a course.

Pleasure classes: Unlike the flat and over-fences classes, the horse's movement is not as important as its manners, temperament, and suitability for the rider.

Conformation or Model classes: The horse is judged on conformation and movement, which should be suitable for that of a hunter. Unlike the above classes, a model class has no mounted exercises, and the horse is presented for judging without a saddle.

Classes may be further divided by the horse or rider's experience, the height of the horse or pony, and the age of the rider.