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"Show Hunter; The hunter jumper division is a branch of competitive horseback riding that is judged on the horse's performance, soundness and when indicated, conformation, suitability or manners.  A "show hunter" is a horse that competes in this division. Show hunters, ideally, show many qualities that were rewarded in the fox hunting field such as manners, fluid movement, and correct jumping style. They are shown in hunt seat style tack, and are often of Warmblood or Thoroughbred type, though a hunter-style pony is also seen in youth classes. In the United States, show hunters are primarily exhibited over fences, with a few additional classes offered for horses shown in-hand or on the flat. In the United Kingdom, competition over fences is called "Working Hunter," and the term "Show Hunter" describes classes held on the flat". - Wikipedia

Welcome to New Zealand Show Hunter and the Bay of Plenty Show Hunter Group. 
BOP Show hunter are a voluntary regional group working toward the promotion & production of the equestrian sport of Show Hunter in New Zealand.
Due to the nature and size of our region our group is made up of three branches, Rotorua, Tauranga and Eastern Bays. Rotorua and Tauranga have worked closely for many years with the Winter series being held in Tauranga and the High Point and HOY qualifying shows being held in Rotorua. Eastern Bays is our new fledgling branch and is run by Opotiki.
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